Relaxation in Bodenwerder

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Day 3

After breakfast the hostellers gathered outside the Youth Hostel...

...then took the footpath down to the town.

We crossed the River Weser...

...and walked through the old houses of the town to meet the others at their hotel.

Florian and Ike stood under the scaffolding opposite.

We walked slowly around the town, admiring more of the buildings.

Professor Riecke gave a lecture on Baron Von Munchhausen, who lived in Bodenwerder.

There were many statues related to Munchhausen and his stories.

We walked to the Museum about Munchhausen.

One of the stories relates to an eight-legged hare which turned over when the first set of legs got tired.

Dieter tried the great man's chair for size.

This is the house Munchhausen lived in

...and the pavilion he told his stories in.

We then went "summer sledging" - towed up the hillside, then hurtling down on a switchback track. Ben had to go back for a second try.

All aboard!

We lunched beside the Weser on Pizza and Ice Cream...

...time to review the photos.

Just before our boat trip we found the rest of the group relaxing with a few beers.

Half way up the river was a campsite, where members of the THW (a volunteer group for civil emergencies) gave a Mexican wave to passing traffic (reminiscent of the welcome the coach got in Ropley in 2006).

There were several herons beside the river...

...some of which took to flight as we passed.

The river valley supported many activities: strings of cyclists and motorcyclists along the byway and highway respectively, and motor boats and canoes on the river itself.

We just watched it all go by from the deck, standing...

...or seated.

Then there was a heavy shower of rain, driving most people back inside the boat. Soon we returned to Bodenwerder, then reconvened for a barbecue at the Youth Hostel (the rain thankfully holding off until later).

As the rain started again we headed indoors to the day room for more dancing...

... and to take the view over the town.

The dancing got more lively...

... especially as we learnt a joint dance for tomorrow.


We were given a display of Appalachian dances...

... and all too soon it was time for the last dance.

Early start tomorrow - so sit around drinking wine and chatting until late!

Day 1

Day 3